How the TWI system works

We utilise a systematic approach to coaching at Train with Intent and this has served us well, having achieved a multitude of health, lifestyle, aesthetic, and performance related results. We have the system to ensure your journey is a successful one.


There will normally be more than one route to get to your destination.
We want to find the easiest and safest way to get you from point A to point B.
It’s important to find where you are at currently and meet you there, not force you to somewhere we feel you should be.
What does your current training routine look like? Your training and injury history?
Are the ‘big rocks’ in place? Are you getting enough good quality sleep and fuelling your body with nutrient dense foods?
Once we have established this, by the way of an initial assessment and consultation, we can put together a program, tailored for you to ensure long-term success.


“If we are not assessing, we are guessing”

An important part of our process is our initial assessments. We go through a full assessment, consisting of a movement screening and some performance profiling.
We value the importance of having quantifiable data to understand what is working or what areas need to be modified. The data is also available to track as we progress over time to demonstrate the effectiveness of the program. This will help set our baseline performance markers to work towards on your journey.
Assessment protocols can vary dependant on your social status.


Yes, there is a system, but this doesn’t mean everyone’s program is the same. Completely dependant on your current level and goal, but ordinarily the initial phase will be a GPP phase (General Physical Preparation).
The GPP phase allows us to place an emphasis on building work capacity and focusing on enhancing movement competency.
The initial phase of the TWI program is where we build our foundations and set you up for long-term success. Building solid and sustainable habits around our ‘big rocks’ – Training, Nutrition, Sleep and Hydration.
This phase allows us to build and lay a foundation to work off for the future, but also enable you to grow in confidence as the program progresses.



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